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Basketball – How to Become a Deadly Shooter

If you have the ability to sink basketball after basketball from just about any spot on the court, then you have a huge advantage. You don't need to be huge, and you don't need to be super fast because driving to the hole isn't a necessary part of your game.

Understand that if you can drive and shoot, you will really freeze defenders, but just being able to shoot alone is enough. However, you will have to work off of screens and do catch and shoot types of shots.

If you want to develop a good shot, the first thing to do is to not watch the NBA. Most of the players have gotten there through extremely good God-given talent. They are not skilled in the proper techniques. Even someone very good like Kobe Bryant shoots very poorly, and if you don't have his height and skill set, you won't be able to make baskets like he does.

The key to becoming a deadly shooter is to use your legs to power the shot. Most players use their arms. This will introduce irregularities into your shot. Sure, your arms do play a part, but it's not a huge part. You need to understand that you hands and arms are just the launch pad.

The force should come from your knees and legs. Like a spring you coil and then release. The best way to develop this feel (besides actually trying it) is go jump rope. Start normal but progress as jump harder and deeper. This is the real secret to being able to knock down basket after basket.

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