Sephora Affiliate Program: The Best Affiliate Program for Beauty Bloggers?

If you are an appeal blog writer, you understand the significance of using top quality items for your makeup, skin, and hair. Sephora is likely one shop that you frequent every time you have a little extra money in your pocket, but what if you could generate income from advertising their products? Joining the Sephora affiliate program might be the best suitable for you. How much can you earn simply from advertising the products you understand and like from Sephora? We will break down everything you can get out of this affiliate program here! Sign up for the Sephora affiliate program here! Sephora Affiliate Marketing Application


  • High commission rate (5%)
  • First look at new charm products
  • Affiliate-only newsletters and discounts
  • Free shipping deals and samples
  • Free marketing materials


  • Short cookie period

What is the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Sephora is widely known for its charm products ranging from luxury brand names to their house brand, the Sephora Collection. This store carries makeup and beauty items in almost every category consisting of:

  • Skincare
  • Hair
  • Fragrance
  • Bath and body
  • Brushes and tools

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They do an incredible volume of sales each year, usually totaling over$ 5 billion. In business given that 1969, this mega-retailer has more than 2,700 stores in 35 nations, not counting the convenience of their online sales and their affiliate program.

The Sephora affiliate program permits you to earn commission on every item they offer and on every brand name. If you run a niche site that caters to beauty, then you will wish to look further into this program.

You can easily offer appeal items through significant sellers like Walmart or Target, but you won’t have the niche item choice found at Sephora.

They run their appeal affiliate program through the Rakuten affiliate network.

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How Much the Sephora Affiliate Program Pays How much does the Sephora affiliate program pay? This is the concern that is on the minds of the majority of blog writers who are eager to make a commission from their work promoting Sephora’s makeup affiliate program. Fortunately is that you can take advantage of high commission rates compared to other options on the market like Ulta

Beauty. Sephora offers their affiliates a generous 5 percent on every product they offer with no limitations on brands or kinds of items.

Cookie Duration

The cookie period for Sephora affiliates is fairly short. Your audience will have just 24 hours to make a purchase of makeup or charm items after clicking through your affiliate link.

Why Join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

The Sephora affiliate program is a great contender for anybody thinking about high-end appeal and skincare. It is entirely free to join this program, making it a low-risk alternative that could benefit your bottom line.

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Sephora likewise values their affiliate partners with unique bonus offers

  • , including: Free shipping on orders of $50
  • Free samples with every order
  • Exclusive preview of brand-new items
  • Special deals and promos simply for affiliates

You get lots of perks from joining their program and there is no threat to you. Let’s take a closer take a look at how you can benefit from their affiliate program.

Benefits of the Sephora Affiliate Program

High Commission Rates

As we pointed out, Sephora has a much higher commission than a few of its competitors. Bloggers who utilize their affiliate marketing links will earn a 5 percent commission compared to the much lower rates with the Ulta affiliate program (2 percent) and the Walmart affiliate program (4 percent).

There are no brand name restrictions on what you can make with Sephora.

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Marketing Materials How will you market your new affiliate marketing links on your site or social networks? Many bloggers don’t wish to squander their time producing stunning images and banners to adorn their site and market Sephora’s products. Sephora has an option. They offer complimentary banners and creatives to make marketing their affiliate program easy.

First Look and Special Offers

Being a Sephora affiliate offers you more than just an excellent way to generate income on items that you would advise anyhow. It likewise includes benefits like exclusive newsletters and preview of upcoming product launches. Other special offers include:

  • Affiliate-only promotions
  • Daily free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free samples with every purchase

Devoted Customer Service

Since their appeal affiliate program is run through Rakuten, you have access to a superior customer support group if you ever have issues with your affiliate links.

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Disadvantages to the Sephora Affiliate Program Short Cookie Duration The only real drawback of this charm affiliate program is the short cookie duration. You will need to encourage your audience to make an instant purchase after they click through your link. With simply 24 hours to make a purchase choice, you will have to be extra convincing.

How Do You Join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Signing up with the Sephora affiliate program is relatively easy as the application process is structured through Rakuten. If you currently have an account through Rakuten, then you are in terrific shape to join this beauty affiliate program.

All you have to do is fill out the application found here. Once they have authorized your site, Sephora will examine your responses and provide a decision. It can take a while to get your application approved, with numerous users mentioning that it took about 3 weeks to hear back.

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How to Promote the Sephora Affiliate Program The Sephora affiliate program is easy to promote. By registering, you will get custom-made links that you can share on your website. Pick the makeup item or beauty product you want to promote and publish it with some background information on your niche site. A few concepts of methods to promote their affiliate marketing program include:

  • Makeup evaluates
  • Tutorials for hair, charm, or makeup
  • Roundups of the best items for a particular usage
  • Developing a Pinterest board with your preferred products

Get creative with how you can carry out a few of their products into your present charm blog site.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Sephora Affiliate Program?

The Sephora affiliate program has benefits for you as an individual promoter, along with for your audience. If you want to benefit from these perks, then this affiliate marketing program may be ideal for you:

  • High commission rates (5 percent)
  • First look at brand-new products
  • Special deals
  • Free shipping and complimentary samples
  • Marketing products

If you run a growing charm blog site with a devoted audience, then you might be the best prospect for the Sephora affiliate program.

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