THE Fastest Server/DNS settings to reroute a domain??

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Was rereading the popular Amazon case research study where they concluded every 100ms of additional load time would lose them approx 1% in revenue ($4 billion these days or something?)

May this assistance thread assistance other site owners increase their income significantly for the advice shared here!Background We currently own about 50 typo domains for our Canadian brand names we redirect to our real site. However we find sometimes the

redirect takes remarkably long and believe it is probably making people think the website is gone/down as we have ourselves and its costing us huge Our question is, what is the absolute fastest method from domain registrar to effective redirection?Our existing setup is as follow: Domains registered in Namecheap Nameservers Pointed to Cloudflare Free Site Plan A records for both and pointed to our digitalocean cloud server in Canada, our only demographic Cloudflare 302 Redirect Forwarding Page Rule pointed at primary domain Our reasoning for using cloudflare

  1. was that it apparently produced faster than the

  2. domain registrar domain redirect alternative(Namecheap BasicDNS)Our

  3. Questions are: Is pointing our nameservers to cloudflare to carry out the redirect via their pagerule function adding layers (like their security functions, firewall software, and so on)slowing down best possible results?Would pointing our nameservers straight from the namecheap registrar to

  4. our Canadian webhosting where we have to point the A records in

cloudflare supply better results?If so, what would be the fastest approach for the server to carry out the redirect?. htaccess?Is there advise domain registrars, DNS service providers or Hosting business that would be the most ideal for Canadian traffic?Is there a much better way to do the DNS settings than A records

  1. for the www and non www propagation?Basically I’m hoping you fine professionals can inform me what you would provide for the outright best and constant redirect execution!