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The Miss O and Friends Success Story: How a 16-Year-Old Created a $15 Million Business

Millions of girls worldwide have been impacted by Juliette Brindak Blake and her company, Miss O and Friends. When she was just ten years

old, Juliette began drawing images of girls like herself that would eventually inspire the launch of the Miss O and Friends site when she was sixteen. The objective of the website was to be a safe online area for middle-school-aged women like her sister. The entire family took a gamble on Juliette’s creation and even risked her college fund to develop it! Today, Miss O provides a safe media platform for tween girls with material that is developed by girls, for girls. As a result, Miss O has actually helped to build self-esteem in countless girls all over the world.

Juliette is also a developer and executive producer of the first family-friendly series to launch on the YouTube Premium platform in 2017.

Her popular YouTube series, Hyperlinked, provided by the Disney Digital Network, is based on her own story and focuses on favorable female relationships, stem, coding and entrepreneurship.

More recently, Miss O released a 100% safe socializing app for girls called the Girl2Girl Wall. The app supplies a positive and empowering space for girls to connect with each other.

Let’s take a look at how Juliette’s tween doodles helped her end up being a millionaire media business owner.


With 63% of its traffic coming straight to the website, nearly 22% from recommendations, and almost 10% from organic search, Miss O and Friends is the go-to location for tween ladies.

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But what makes Miss O and Friends so popular? In a word: content. The website is loaded with articles, videos, and quizzes that are all designed to appeal to tween women.

With a lot to provide, it’s no surprise that the site is so popular.

Social media represent a truly tiny quantity of their traffic, and nearly 80% of it comes from Instagram.

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WHAT TYPES OF KEYWORDS DOES MISS O TARGET? Their top pages include”How to tell when a kid is flirting”,”Music that gets stuck in your head”and personality tests such as” Is your friend a genuine pal? “and “What kind of mermaid are you?”


The branding is beautifully done. The colors are intense and welcoming. The images are high quality and well-chosen. And the total style is tidy and clutter-free.

missO header

Juliette’s mom, who is a graphic designer, developed the original caricature illustrations that inspired Miss O and Friends.

These animations are still utilized throughout the site and in their social networks accounts. The drawings assist to create a identifiable and cohesive brand that tween girls can quickly get in touch with.

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WHAT DOES THE SITE DO WELL? The website does an exceptional task of providing material that is relevant and appealing to its target audience. The short articles are well-written and cover

a vast array of topics that are of interest to tween girls. The style is clean and clutter-free, making it easy to navigate. And the branding is consistent and strong, helping to create an identifiable and credible brand. They’re using Robly for their email register kinds which allows you to include stunning types to your site easily and handle

your subscribers. WHAT’S THEIR LINK PROFILE LIKE? Miss O is doing pretty well, attracting pertinent links from high authority websites such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and< img src=""alt=" misso backlinks3

misso backlinks3

misso backlinks3

“width=”2048″height =”1007” > Some backlinks are because of short articles about Juliette’s incredible story of starting the website when she was just 16, then Miss O and Friends being valued at $15m by Proctor and Gamble a couple of brief years later on.


Juliette has discussed in interviews that she was initially very unwilling to position ads on the site since of the demographics of their audience. Tween kids are not exactly understood for their costs power and the site had actually to be monetized in some way!

misso monetization

misso monetization They ultimately placed advertisements on the site, but they are really mindful about the ads that they enable.

All of the advertisements need to be age-appropriate. They also make income through sponsored posts.

There are short articles on NFTs with affiliate links to Adobe.

In addition, they also sell branded product with the “Cool Girls” animation images.


There are a couple of things that we can gain from their success:

  • Produce high-quality, relevant content that interest your target market.
  • Keep your style tidy and clutter-free.
  • Usage strong branding to create a recognizable and credible brand name.
  • Be careful about the kinds of advertisements that you permit on your site. Ensure they are relevant and age-appropriate to your audience.
  • Think about selling branded merchandise to generate additional profits.

By following the example of Miss O and Friends, you can create an effective site that attract your target market and creates profits.

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