This is my plan. Inform me if I’ll be doing this right and what you suggest

I have a dating blog site and want to begin offering an affiliate item. The product I'' ll discover in some way (either from clickbank or someplace else) and i do have a concept what to try to find (good reviews, good conversions, high commission etc)

Now, this is how i plan to in fact perform:

Go to my most popular short articles on my blog site a create a small paragraph within the post someplace in the center towards the top of the page. This paragraph will say “”By the method, i found this item that can help you y x do and z. click here for more information””, then continue the short article. This “”sales”paragraph will be a different font style color but I'' ll try not to make it scammy.

In my homepage, I'' ll have a banner/button on the extremely leading (my homepage merely shows newest posts, I'' m using generatepress) for that item.

Besides that i might mention the product and link it in other posts too, similarly to how i link to my other pists when relevant.

Is this a great setup? What should i modification and do instead?

I'' m believing if having a “”resources”page on the menu where I'' ll have the item. Maybe write a catchy couple paragraphs that discusses the advantages to using that product.

Any ideas? Thanks

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