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3 Places to Find Top Selling Niche Markets For Ebooks

You want to write an ebook, but you aren't sure about your topic or niche market?

One of the first questions people have before writing their own book or eBook surrounds how much competition there should be in their chosen market. For example, you have the choice of writing your eBook about weight loss or being a magician, there is a massive difference in demand and competition so which one do you choose?

There are two aspects extremely important to how well your eBook or book will sell, demand and existing buying activity.

You may certainly find evidence of demand for information around a certain topic, resume writing for example. However, not every topic with high demand for information means that there will be proven buying activity around ebooks, books and other information products for that topic.

The example given of resume writing is one of those examples. It turns out that most people looking for information on resume writing on the internet are really looking for someone to write it for them, so ebooks and books do not typically generate huge sales.

The question then becomes, where can you find evidence of proven buying activity for paid information products.

Fortunately, there are places you can look on the internet to evaluate the demand and buying activity, here are 3 of the most effective resources you want to use to find top selling niche markets for your ebook.

1. Amazon is by far the best place to look for evidence of buying activity. Why? First, Amazon structures their books into a hierarchy of categories – more than 40 on their current website. Drilling down into any one of these categories opens a new list of results, but also several sub-niche categories. Take the high level category of self-help, when you drill down you get another 17 sub-categories which helps you to quickly identify promising sub-niches. Next, by default Amazon sorts the resulting books by bestselling which lets you further research the top sellers in any given category. For example, within self-help, subcategory "hypnosis" there are some 843 results with the top sellers on the first few pages. Finally, by clicking on the book and then scrolling down about 1-page you will find Product Details which contains the Amazon sales rank. Typically you will find an overall sales rank on Amazon across markets followed by a sales rank by more relevant sub-categories. Sales rank on Amazon works low to high, the lower the rank, the better selling that book is. Finding books with a sales rank under 80,000 means that books are selling well within that topic area. When I am testing or looking for new niche markets I like to see at least 3 of the top bestsellers with a sales rank under 80,00

2. ClickBank is one of the leading eBook listing sites on the internet. With a built-in set of 100,000's of thousands of partners ready to promote ClickBank products, the listing and sales volume is nothing short of staggering. That said, I do not use ClickBank as the definitive guide on every potential niche market, it is good for certain segments, not so good for others. Head over to the ClickBank Marketplace, search by category and sub-category to find promising sub-niches and examine the top products (again the default is to organize them by top selling ebook). Another measure ClickBank places against each eBook is a term called "gravity" which roughly equates to the number of partners who have successfully sold that particular eBook – another way to measure its sales potential.

3. Major magazine and trade journal sites where you can discover and research the most popular topics, article titles and content. Because magazines that have been around for more than a couple of years rely heavily on their reader base and advertising to exist, it goes without saying that pretty much any topic within a magazine is a candidate for a new niche market information product. For example, today I see articles like "How To Overcome Jealousy", "10 Ways To Perk Up Your Relationship" and "Field Guide For The Loner – Existing As An Introvert" over at Psychology Today's website. Any one of these are viable niche markets for your own eBook or infoproduct.

As you can see, it is not necessary to try and develop niche markets or topics in isolation, there are a multitude of places you can look online to find topics with built in passionate demand and proof of user buying activity. Tap into these markets and you will quickly experience a high growth, profitable information publishing business experience.

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