Ways to incorporate a website into CPL/CPS affiliate markets as a vendor (marketer)

I signed up with a number of affiliate networks myself. The followings are my observations:

ClickBank: When payment occurs you need to leap to their website and let them be a middleman to collect cash. The money will be divided among ClickBank, marketers, and publishers.

CJ Affiliate: I'' m unsure how it works. When I attempted to spend for item promo on it, it stays on the advertizer'' s site. I ' m unsure how tracking takes place and how cash is split between the platform, advertisers, and publishers.

My concern is How can an affiliate network like CJ track the recommendations.

I'' m going to incorporate my site on an affiliate network in the most convenient method so that I can alter the code of my website just possible.

By the way, can I make use of several affiliate networks at the exact same time?

I'' m simply a developer and have limited knowledge of this domain. Thank you guys sooo much for your info!

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