We Tested Copysmith.ai To See How Good It Is At Creating Longform Content

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about a company called Copysmith.ai. Its founder Jasmine Wang has actually been doing some interesting things with AI in material marketing. Copysmith.ai is an AI copywriting tool that declares to create high-converting advertisements, item descriptions, e-mails, and more– in seconds! Their homepage mentions that

the tool will bring an end to author’s block and assist you check out innovative territory quicker than ever. It can’t create compose perfectly precise long-form posts, but it is better at long-form material than the majority of other AI tools we have actually seen. It can reword paragraphs, produce blog site outlines, improve your content, assistance compose a press release, which sort of thing. We decided to put this AI content generator to the test with a full copysmith ai evaluation. We’ve tested it to see simply how the AI innovation can hold up.

Is the content really any excellent? Can AI material pass for human authors? Let’s learn.

Eager to try Copysmith.ai out on your own?

Copysmith.ai has a Free Trial that requires no credit card to sign up.

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What is Copysmith.ai?

According to Linkedin, Copysmith.ai was established in 2020 and has 17 workers, mostly situated in San Francisco.

For being around a little over 1 year, traction is looking good. Crunchbase reveals the group raised a seed fund of$ 10 million from a few various investors such as PSG and Harmony Venture Labs. Who is the tool best for? Copysmith.ai is finest for marketing agencies,

freelancers, internal marketing teams, and e-commerce owners that require to produce material quickly. It concentrates on scaling material faster. Compared to other AI writing tools, Copysmith focuses a bit more on long-form content for blog authors with their distinct” Article Writing Assistant “that helps you break down the material and after that expand upon it.

we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 1

It focuses primarily on a couple of various types of services

  • : Content Rewriter– Rewrite the content you enjoy, rapidly. Item Descriptions– Craft lovely descriptions worthwhile of your products Content Ideas– Incredible ideas for partnerships, developments, sponsorships, and more.
  • Blog Site Ideas– Get great blog ideas in a few clicks. Pair with the Blog Outline or Intro generator!
  • They seem to focus on creating concepts and content on the fly for a first draft circumstance. The tool is good for resolving author’s block, which all of us battle with from time to time. They likewise have a few features such as the “Pitch Yourself” feature which can be a little enjoyable as well.

    How To Use Copysmith.ai

    It is really easy to begin using Copysmith.ai. The platform is extremely fast, functional, and robust to use.

    Not only that, however they’re also fairly priced. It’s $19/ month when billed monthly, or $16/month when billed each year. Their YouTube Channel has a lot of well-produced tutorials that can take you detailed through creating each type of copy that you need.

    Here’s a take a look at the within Copysmith.ai and how to use a few of the features.

    Let’s state I wished to create a blog site intro paragraph copy.

    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 2

    After clicking “new file” within the website you exist with a screen to start your copywriting task. It’s fairly easy, however a little bit confusing the very first couple of times. You’ll simply need to enter the name of the file this is mostly to keep things organized. If you desire to assign it to a folder or task you can do that. Then you’ll choose the type of material you wish to develop

    and click”Generate” Next, you’ll seed CopySmith with the material you want it to generate. For this example, I select to have it write a blog intro for a blog site on “Best On Page SEO Tips”, in a “Professional” tone.

    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 3

    Here are the outcomes that it produced. The outcomes were created in probably less than 5 seconds. I’ve seen this procedure take up to 30 seconds(probably during high volume times ). Copysmith supplied 10 total blog post intros to choose from. The results are pretty solid. While SEO is an extremely blogged about topic, the AI tool was wise enough to acknowledge the distinction in between on-page and off-page SEO. The expert tone also was clearly shown. Next, I evaluated out the’developing the full blog post ‘feature. Similar to the last example I started by producing the

    file and seeding the material. Now, this is among the longer-form content pieces that I’ve generated with AI. It produced a total of 1339 words in less than 20 seconds. But when it pertains to quality, I’m on the fence. Is it good? No, not truly. I would not state it’s a good piece of content, however some pieces do make sense, and would significantly speed up my composing process. It does not sound all that natural, but it was composed by a robot. In order to utilize this material, it would require some considerable editing and formatting. Copysmith has been able to produce long-form material much better than any other tools I’ve seen.

    Grammar and Spelling

    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 4

    A great deal of effort has gone into enhancing artificial intelligence algorithms to produce more natural-looking content generation. It

    ‘s not best yet, however it has actually got a lot better over the last few years. Grammarly is excellent for recognizing particular grammatical mistakes in your writing and flagging them for further consideration.

    To check how good the Ai-generated copy from Copysmith.ai is, I ran the paragraphs through Grammarly. Remarkably it did quite well, scoring an 84% overall ranking.

    These are the writing concerns that came back.

    While there were a handful of correctness errors that needed to be fixed with punctuation mistakes and formating, what I noticed the most was the readability score. Depending upon your audience this text would most likely be pretty difficult to check out.

    Grammarly itself isn’t the very best judge of content quality, however if you’re familiar with the tool then you’ll know this normally implies the material in this composing requires some work. It might simply need a few changes to put it into your voice or to adapt it to your preferred design of writing.


    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 5

    When it pertains to plagiarism with the AI copy created by Copysmith.ai, Grammarly discovered 3%plagiarism. This is usually about right, particularly if you’re used to checking longer article for plagiarism. I discover these usually returned with a 1 or 2 % plagiarism rate(which is typically from completely unrelated content). Accuracy When it pertains to AI-generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be big problems. For instance, if you are composing a blog site about survival knives, but the content returns with kitchen knives, the reader is bound to be confused. Or there’s the example in the screenshot above. I asked the tool to create a blog introduction for the subject” Can Humans Eat a Gallon of Ice Cream Everyday?”You can see that it has developed some distinct reactions. While I can’t consider any reason why it would be an excellent diet to eat a gallon of ice cream every day, and while I would love to eat a pint of ice cream every day, I get ill even thinking of consuming a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. Copysmith has a couple of really various conclusions.

    In one overview the takeaway is ‘ice cream belongs of their everyday diet’. While in another the conclusion is “Eating ice cream every day is not a healthy routine. Ice cream is a reward that’s high in calories and fat.’. The concern is, which is true? Which is accurate?

    You would require to go and really do some more research of main sources to discover if you can actually eat a gallon of ice cream daily.

    Overall Copysmith did offer adequate examples that it had the ability to offer you a good variety of concepts with great copy. However you would still need to fact-check. It all seemed broad, well written, and appropriate– for the a lot of part.

    Secret Features

    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content 6

    Copysmith.ai also has a handful of other crucial functions and advantages: One platform to

  • manage all your copy Brainstorm limitless content utilizing Ad Ideas, Content Ideas, and other idea design templates Beat your clients to their questions with the

    FAQ Ideas template Copysmith.ai Review

    All-in-all my impressions and experience with Copysmith.ai are that it can be a handy and useful tool for the best individual. As I pointed out formerly, the tool fasts, functional, and robust. It allows you to quickly write advertisements for Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

    The truthfulness and accuracy will need to be talked to certain subjects– specifically those relating to the health and wellness of animals and people. For the a lot of part, it’s OKAY.

    Much like other AI copywriting tools, the outputs are pretty excellent for how early the innovation is, and I can just expect it to improve in the next couple of years. When developing short-form content. Copysmith is a terrific alternative, specifically at its cost point. For longer-form content, Copysmith leads the other competitors, however by no ways will you get a perfectly generated blog post on your very first shot.

    Utilized in tandem with content optimization tools and the similarity Grammarly, I wouldn’t rule it out. Try the Free Trial to check it out on your own.

    Copysmith.ai Pricing

    Rates begins at $19/ month when billed regular monthly or $16/month when billed each year.

    The totally free trial is a 3 day endless trial with no credit card required. This must provide you a lot of chances to evaluate the tool. The starter package that runs under $20/month does restrict you to 50 credits monthly or 20 plagiarism credits.

    Copysmith.ai Alternatives

    If you do not believe Copysmith.ai is ideal for you, there are plenty of alternative AI copywriting services readily available.

    Other AI ad copy and AI copywriting software application:

    • Conversion.AI
    • Copy.ai
    • Jarvis (finest for social media and advertising copy)

    All tools are priced fairly carefully with comparable features, and also can likewise be tested with free trials.

    We’re simply beginning to see what these AI-content tools can do, and I expect them to get a lot better in the future. Who knows where this will take online service and blogging? However I don’t expect content authors and agencies to be out of a task anytime quickly.

    Start a Free Trial of Copysmith.ai Here

    we tested copysmith ai to see how good it is at creating longform content

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