What Are Realistic Metrics? Engagement, ATC, CR?

I'' m checking out affiliate sales via social media audiences (ex. Instagram). I'' m looking into 2 models: straight audience selling (make a post to a 100k audience about an appropriate item) and totally free lead magnet -> > e-mail list -> > affiliate offers or email series.

With that, I'' ve seen a great deal of different metrics and I'' m attempting to get a clearer photo.

I'' ve seen a great deal of IG pages with a 5% engagement rate (likes, comments, and so on). So let'' s assume this is an equivalent rate to the CTR of a CTA (is it?): 5% of 100k audience is 5k individuals going through to the sales/landing page. Now, I'' ve seen ecommerce conversion rates quoted as 1-2% usually. So 2% of 5k is 100 sales. Would this be affordable? Or is it more like 2% Add to Cart, and then 2% of that transform into sales (2 sales)?

On the email list side, I'' m assuming it ' s mainly the exact same,'so I ' m stuck with the very same issue: would it be engagement rate -> > ATC rate -> > conversion rate, or just the engagement rate -> > conversion rate? Am I leaving anything out?

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