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What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing progrme

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Affiliated marketing program through which the advertiser shows his ad from the company Affiliate Associates / Partne and the associate is paid some commission in exchange for when the user sees or buys the product. Which can also be 2-10%. The advertising company earns crores of rupees by showing that ad or selling the product. To which some part company makes Affiliate Associates / Partne available. You feel that you can earn money only by selling the product through your ad marketing program. So you are thinking wrong because you can make money in any other way than selling a product like clicking an ad. Or to sign up a program or to make that ad reach as many users as possible. And the more the user clicks on your product or ad, the more money gets added to your account. You can earn money easily by booking a hotel booking, tour package, or by clicking the insurance ad. Apart from this, there are many ways in which a lot of money can be made. If you want to earn money from your Affiliated marketing program, then this is a golden chance for you.

Affiliated marketing program is made in three ways:

Pay per click (PPC):

The affiliated marketing program is therefore popular. Just like any user clicks on your ad product, the money gets added to your account. In this way you earn a lot of money. In such a program, you have to just click on the advertiser’s ad and not sell this product. The biggest advantage of doing this kind of market is that you can make money by reaching the advertiser’s product or ad to as many users as possible. You can also earn money by going to the Pay per click (PPC) link.

Pay per sale (PPS):

In this kind of affiliated marketing program, till now you do not sell the advertiser’s product. That is, you cannot earn any money till then. No matter how much someone clicks on your ad. Online selling company Amazon Flipkart or reseller companies that sell their products through the application marketing program. So you have to decide whether you want to earn money by selling a product or you want to earn money by clicking on that ad.


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